About Oui Performance

Oui Performance is a collaboration between artists Victoria Gray & Nathan Walker. We are committed to developing the practice, discourse and education of performance art in the UK, choosing to self-organise outside of the mainstream art market and an increasingly privatised education sector. By considering Oui Performance as an engine for working alone together, we programme solo and collaborative works by artists with diverse approaches to performance art that transcend solely aesthetic concerns. Through the facilitation of an innovative programme of performance events, we present artists at various stages of career development including emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Initially responding to a lack of sustainable infrastructure for performance art within the Yorkshire region, Oui Performance committed itself to developing new audiences of performance art within our locality. Our projects, Action Art Now (2011-12) and Live Series (2010-11) in particular, presented performance art in the city of York for the first time. Our Alternatives Series and our pedagogical project, P.A.I.R.S, engaged diverse partners and participants in workshops, seminars, conferences, residencies, publications and public interventions in the language of action art. Currently our SOLO SITE series commissions durational and site sensitive performances by individual artists in the city of York. These diverse programmes contextualise performance art practices for new audiences and generate ongoing critical dialogue. Our commitment to online and print publishing in the form of reviews, local/national press and academic forms develop performance art scholarship in modes of address that are accessible to a wide audience base.

Since 2010, the UK has experienced a burgeoning impetus towards artist-led organization of performance art, specifically by a younger generation of performance artists of which Oui Performance are a key part. Therefore, our programme's to date have not only developed a local infrastructure for performance art but have instigated a wider national debate. By situating itself within an historic genealogy of performance art, and, within national and international networks, Oui Performance are establishing a reputation that is recognized nationally and internationally.

Oui Performance has no fixed gallery space, preferring to site programmes of work in a variety of indoor/outdoor contexts that are relevant to the conceptual concerns of each programme and/or a chosen artists practice. By being un-fixed, Oui Performance can be responsive, locating programmes and projects regionally, nationally and internationally.

Victoria Gray & Nathan Walker are artists who make work at the interface of performance, video and sound. Collaboratively and individually, they have performed and exhibited work nationally and internationally. Their practice-led research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, edited books and conferences in the field of performance.

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I believe Oui Performance is one of the most exciting artist led initiatives in the UK whose contribution to the development of Live Art in Yorkshire and beyond has the potential to have a substantial impact on artists and audiences
Lois Kiedan, Director of the Live Art Development Agency

A British sensation of the last two years; two independent initiatives of young performance artists - O U I Performance in York and ]p e r f o r m a n c e space[ in London...They are absolutely necessary for young performers in order for the art to happen, and not to be merely simulated.
Wladyslaw Kazmierczak, Artist & Curator

"Rather than forfeiting political and aesthetic risk, Gray and Walker appear more content to program more conceptually challenging work that positively antagonises the limits of an art form, rather than protecting it. Innovative and trenchant, O U I Performance continues to survive and thrive in what I hope could become a permanent zone of autonomy"
Dr Mark Greenwood, Artist & Punk

"Gray and Walker have opened up the possibilities for new audiences to experience the creative potential of bodies of knowledge from disciplines which are often perceived as overly specialist"
Steve Purcell, Professor of International Cultural Development, York St John University